sell jewelry of all types
Did you know that your old, broken and unfashionable gold and silver jewelry could be worth cold hard cash? Sterling silver and gold retains much of its value, which makes it a great investment because you can often sell it years later. Visit us at Broadway Jewelry & Rare Coins in Bradley, and we’ll appraise your silver and gold pieces. We’ll make sure you get the best price based on the condition and value of your gold jewelry and silver jewelry. Look around! You could be sitting on a quite a bit of cash if you’ve got gold and silver jewelry sitting around the house!



Broadway Jewelry & Rare Coins is Bradley’s most trusted gold buyer. Our goal is to help you sell gold pieces of all kinds, including all types of gold jewelry, gold watches, and even gold coins and bullion!

Sell fine gold jewelry

Broadway Jewelry & Rare Coins is here to help you evaluate and sell your gold jewelry, such as necklaces, engagement rings, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, watches, and more. Whether it’s eight or 24 karats, we accept jewelry of all grades in any condition. Whether it’s scratched, mismatched, brand new, or of an indeterminate age, we’re pleased to help evaluate fine jewelry in any condition.



Do you have jewelry, coins, or other valuable items made from silver instead of gold? We buy that too! Broadway Jewelry & Rare Coins buys sterling silver pieces of all kinds. Whether it’s fine silver jewelry, like engagement rings, antique or vintage jewelry, silver estate jewelry, silver coins, or other pieces crafted from sterling silver, Broadway Jewelry & Rare Coins will buy it!

Sell Silver Estate Pieces

Have you inherited an entire estate’s worth of silver jewelry or silver pieces? Or perhaps you have an old dusty tea set that’s taking up valuable space. We can help! Broadway Jewelry & Rare Coins specializes is in dealing with estate pieces in Bradley.



Whether it’s a gold bar locked away in a safe, silver coins in an old collection, or a broken necklace stuffed in the back of a jewelry box, bring it into Broadway Jewelry & Rare Coins for an honest appraisal. We can help you find out how much your gold and silver is worth! Our experienced appraisers not only help you determine the true value of a piece of gold or silver, we’re also happy to help take unwanted pieces off your hands. Get real money for your gold and silver today!

Sell gold and silver coins, currency, and bullion

We buy more than just gold jewelry and silver tea sets! Broadway Jewelry & Rare Coins is also the top coin dealer in Bradley. We buy gold and silver coins, currency, bullion and more.